Complete Test Preparation Inc. (CTP) has partnered with the Volunteers Initiative Nepal (VIN)  to ensure sustainable food production among Dalit by managing local water resources for micro irrigation and clean drinking water project. The project will support
regular nutrition supply and increasing socio economic status of Dalit in Okhaldhunga Nepal.

This project support Dalit:

  • to make a water collection chamber (cistern) close to their houses where they can store water from multiple sources
  • train farmers for the optimum use of water
  • train techniques of micro irrigation system
  • establish a base for socio entrepreneurship and micro enterprises
  • provide clean drinking water

Full Description of Project  (PDF)

Engineering Plans (PDF)


  • To ensure sustainable food production by installing micro irrigation system with water resource management in Dalit communities of Okhaldhunga
  • To provide access to clean drinking water

Project site

Since 2007, we have been working in disadvantaged rural areas of Nepal to empower communities. We have implemented integrated community development projects in the northern side of Kathmandu Valley and in remote municipalities of Nuwakot and Okhaldhunga District.

Target population

304 Dalit households from Taluwa, Thulachap and Bhadaure of Okhaldhunga

KATHMANDU DISTRICT Tarakeshwor Municipality Kavresthali and Jitpurphedi

OKHALDHUNGA DISTRICT Siddhicharan Municipality Taluwa Thulachap Chisankhu Gadi Rural Municipality Bhadaure
NUWAKOT DISTRICT Kakani Rural Municipality – Okharpouwa

About the Dalit

The Dalit community status of this area is not exception to that of Dalits residing in other rural areas of Nepal. They are born into a discriminatory society. In all cases Dalit’s rights are subordinate to those of so called superior or upper castes. With little or no education, no or limited land, no permanent income, they are a voiceless section of society, dependent on upper caste for their welfare and bearing the continued weight of cultural and social discrimination and violence against them.

The threat of violence being considered as impure or untouchable caste is a pervasive and unmanaged threat for Dalits is general in Nepali society. They are even restricted to perform certain activities like entering to temples, to have food together with higher caste, enter the house of upper caste, touch the water points and the worst part is that their children get dominated in the schools just being Dalits and economically weak.

Most of them are engaged in subsistence farming and traditional occupation like making household tools, the production and the income is not just enough to meet their daily needs and are thus forced to work as labour mostly for upper caste bearing all the brunt of  discrimination and in Gulf countries bearing the significant hardship. Hence they highly suffer from discrimination and disadvantages across all spheres – social, cultural, political, economic, health and religion which affects every aspects of life and denies their human rights in terms of economic, livelihood, educational opportunities and attainments for social and political inclusion.

Completed Cistern in  Okhaldhunga, Nepal, with the Volunteers Initiative Nepal (VIN)

CTP = Complete Test Preparation Inc.