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Canadian Tests

GED  —  Trades & Red Seal —   Public Service   —   Law Enforcement  —  Canadian Forces  —   Citizenship   —   Language   —   Provincial Assessments  —   CAAT

Canadian GED – High School Equivalency

Canadian GED

The GED certification process qualifies an individual for High School equivalency (High School Diploma) in Canada.  It is used extensively in Ontario and Alberta. The Canadian version is equivalent to the Ontario High School Equivalency Certificate and the Alberta Certificate of School Completion.

High School Equivalency

Trades and Red Seal

Trades and Red Seal

The trades in Canada and especially Red Seal Trades and in high demand in Canada

  1. Plumbers
  2. Welders

Canadian Public Service Tests

Public Service

Public Service Entrance Exam The is the most common Canadian public service exam.  This is a general aptitude test which includes, reasoning, problem-solving, and communication skills. It is often used as a screening tool for entry-level positions in the federal public service.  PSEE Information

Second Language Evaluation This test assesses an individual’s proficiency in their second language (usually French or English), which is a requirement for many federal public service positions. SLE (English)

Canadian Border Services – The Canadian Border Services Agency uses and aptitude test,  the Officer Trainee Entrance Exam (OTEE).  The OTEE exam includes three sections, Reasoning, Writing and Analytical thinking  CBSA OTEE Services Frontaliers Canadiens

Canada Revenue Agency – The tests conducted by the CRA vary depending on the position, but are typically standardized tests and competency-based situational questionnaires such as the CRA Situational Judgement test. These tests evaluate a candidate’s knowledge, abilities, and suitability for the position.  CRA Employment Tests

Public Service Tests


CRA Writing Test — Canada Post (GAT) — GATB — GCT — GSPAT — PSEE — SJT 318 (CRA-R CRA-M) — TOJ 375 — TOR 373 — WCPT

Korn Ferry  Air Traffic

Canadian Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

Canadian law enforcement tests that individuals may need to pass in order to become a police officer or other law enforcement personnel in Canada. Some of these tests include:

  1. Physical Ability This test is designed to measure an individual’s physical fitness and ability to perform the physical demands of law enforcement work. It typically includes tasks such as running, climbing, and lifting.
  2. Written Entrance Exam This test assesses an individual’s knowledge in areas such as language proficiency, math, logic, and critical thinking.
  3. Polygraph Exam This test is used to measure an individual’s truthfulness, integrity and honesty. It is used during the pre-employment screening process.
  4. Psychological Assessment This test evaluates an individual’s mental and emotional health, and suitability for law enforcement work. It may include a series of interviews and questionnaires.
  5. Background Check This is a thorough investigation of an individual’s personal and professional history, including criminal records, employment history, financial records, and references.
  6. Firearms Proficiency This test measures an individual’s ability to handle and use firearms safely and effectively.

Canadian Forces Aptitude Tests


The Canadian Forces Aptitude Test (CFAT) is offered in English and French (Test D’aptitude des Forces Canadiennes, or TAFC) have the same content, including:

  • Verbal Skills (VS)
  • Problem Solving (PS)
  • Spatial Ability (SA)

Canadian Forces Aptitude Test  – Exam information, and qualifications, free practice questions, multiple choice strategies, complete study guide in every format, online course, printed book, eBook, and PDF Download.

Réussir le TAFC! Test D’aptitude des Forces Canadiennes Guide d’étude et Exemples de Questions
Le TAFC (Test d’Aptitude des Forces Canadiennes) n’est pas un test de connaissances générales. Voilà le piège commun dans lequel de nombreux étudiants tombent. Ils pensent qu’il est simplement sur ce qu’ils savent.

Canadian Citizenship Tests Online


The Canadian Citizenship test has questions in the following areas:

  • History
  • Values
  • Institutions
  • Government
  • Symbols

Canadian Citizenship Test prep and Practice
The Canadian Citizenship Test is administered by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. One of the requirements to become a Canadian citizen is to take and pass this test.  The test is designed to measure your general knowledge about Canada and the ways of living in Canada.

Canadian Language Tests

Language Tests

There are two Canadian language tests – the Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program, CELPIP,  for citizenship and the Canadian Academic English Language, CAEL,  for academics.  Both tests are very comprehensive and especially the CAEL, test language at an advanced level.   Both test assess the following language skills:

  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking

The Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program®  is a test designed to assess the proficiency in the domain of English language. It is managed by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

The CELPIP® is given to individuals applying for the Canadian citizenship, to prove their ability to function in English.

CAEL – The CAEL (Canadian Academic English Language) test is designed to measure your command of Canadian English, at the academic level.  The test is administered by Paragon Testing.

Around 185 Canadian universities and colleges consider the CAEL as proof of English language proficiency at academic level, and accept it for their admission program.

Provincial Assessments

Provincial Achievement

Provincial Achievement Tests are exams by the provincial authorities to measure the development of the educative system in each territory independently. These examinations are designed to assess the student’s knowledge in certain fields, which differs by Province, although they are very similar.

Canadian Adult Achievement Test


The Canadian Adult Achievement Test (CAAT) is a standardized test used to assess the academic abilities of adults in Canada. It measures skills in areas such as reading comprehension, vocabulary, spelling, math, and problem-solving.

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