CCAT Grade 3 Test

Students in wish to join their school’s gifted and talented program in 3rd grade will need to successfully take the CCAT 3rd grade test. This test is also called the CCAT Level 9 as it is taken by children who are 9 years old. This test measures a child’s abilities in quantitative, verbal, and nonverbal tests. The test is based on general knowledge therefore does not include what they do in school. The test is structured to assess the child’s ability to pick new concepts and ideas.

Questions are not read out to candidates rather; they will have to read printed instructions by themselves. At this level, test-takers are expected to have significantly built their verbal skills therefore the verbal section will have equal importance as the other sections. This is a difficult test, but with proper preparation your child has a much better chance of passing the test.

CCAT Grade 3 Test Contents and Practice

Verbal Battery

Verbal Analogies

In the verbal analogies section, candidates are given two words with related meaning. Then an additional word is given. Based on the relationship the first pair has, the test-takers are required to identify a word from the choices with the same related meaning.

Sentence Completion

Candidates will have a sentence with an intentionally omitted word. They will need to find the missing word from the options provided to make the sentence complete.

Verbal Classification

Test-takers are given three words, written in bold, with a related meaning, identify the relationship, and then select a word from the choices that can goes with the first three words.

Nonverbal Battery

Paper Folding

Test-takers are given a paper with lines representing fold marks, and must determine what the folded version will look like.


Folding Practice Questions



Figure Matrices

Test-takers are given a box containing cells divided into two rows. The initial two cells have matching shapes. The second row of paired cells will have one shape belonging to one of the answers. The candidate has to determine how the initial shapes go together and apply that relationship to solve the problem.

Figure Classification

Test-takers will see three images following a predetermined rule. The candidate will have to determine the rule and select a fourth shape from the multiple choices following the rule.

Figure Classification Practice Questions

Quantitative Battery

Number Analogies

CCAT Level 9 test-takers of the will be given three number pairs. The 2 initial pairs have a pattern. The final set is a single number with a missing partner.  Test-takers must determine the relationship between the initial pair to identify the missing number.

Number Series

Here test-takers are presented with a number series following a specific rule. Test-takers must identify the relationship guiding the series and then select a number that completes the series.

Number Series Practice

Number Puzzles

Test-takers are given an equation with a number substituted with a question mark. The candidates need to solve the equation by replacing the question with an option in the multiple choices.
Number Puzzle Practice

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