Canadian Public Service Entrance Test – PSEE 371 Practice Questions

PSEE (371) Test Contents

Main areas on the test:

  • Arithmetic reasoning – Word problems where you are asked to find a missing variable.
  • Logical reasoning – Several statements are given and you are asked to choose the statement that is a valid conclusion, given the statements.
  • Analytical reasoning – draw conclusions as well as determine the relation between words
  • Number or letter series – you are given a series, with one or two elements missing.

PSEE 371 Practice Course

Arithmetic Reasoning

Arithmetic reasoning questions present a situation with a number of variables, which you must convert into an equation or equations, and find the missing variable.


PSEE logic questions give 2 sentences, or premises are given, and you are asked if the third sentence is true or false.

Logic Practice

Analytical Reasoning

The analytical reasoning section asks you to draw conclusions, match items, and determine the relationship between elements.

Number Series

Number Series questions give a series of elements with several elements missing, which you must choose from the given choices

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  • Arithmetic reasoning
  • Logical reasoning
  • Analytical reasoning
  • Number or letter series
  • Situational Judgement

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