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Canada Post (GAT GCT) Test Overview

The Canada Post requires an entrance test for most jobs.  Previously, Canada Post use the General Ability Test or GAT, starting in January 2023, Canada post switched to the General Competency Test or GCT Level 2.

About the Hiring Process

The hiring process at the Canada post as seen is not only fair but also comprehensive in terms of securing skills and upgrading talents. The online application process of filling in details makes it easier for candidates to apply for jobs several times or even apply for a variety of posts using the same resume but with small modifications to the custom requirements. The testing process ensures that the Canada Post hires workers who are fit and qualified for the jobs. The testing contains comprehensive coverage of the skills required for the job.

Computer or pencil and paper test

The GAT is generally done online through a special website. Candidates are not allowed to use any other devices during the exam.

Retaking the test

You must wait for 60 days from the date of the most recent GA test before you can retake the exam.

Hiring Process and Test Booking

The hiring process begins with online submission of your resume on the Canada Post website where you will find a list of vacancies for all locations across Canada. The second step is the pre-employment test.  If you are selected for the second step in the hiring process you are notified by mail and invited to take the online test. A telephone interview follows the pre-employment test and then an in-person interview follows.

Eligibility for Canada Post Jobs

Basic qualifications:

Driver’s License – a valid driver’s license for either class 5 or G with a record in safe driving for a minimum period of four years. The second qualification is

Physical Eligibility:  ability to lift heavy loads of about 60 lbs. or carry loads weighing up to 20 kg for a whole day. Physical fitness encompasses the ability to walk, climb, bend, pull and push equipment and descend stairs, delivering mails in all traffic conditions.  The ability to multi-task, work in all weather conditions and be available on quick notice is the third qualification.

English Language Competence – Written and verbal competency in English is required. Other qualifications – customer care skills, public relations (PR), and computing skills.

Other qualifications for a letter carrier include a secondary school qualification or its provincial equivalence. One should also be proficient in record keeping, reporting, material organization and cash management. The position entails interpersonal skills, integrity, cooperation, safety, and flexibility. The final requirement is the ability to pass the training program and tests.

How to get results

The GCT results are released immediately within 3 hours after the exam is completed and marked. If you pass the exam, then you are notified of your score in each section and the overall result.   Your score will determine if you are eligible for the next phase of the recruitment process, and if so, given a scheduled interview which takes not more than 30 minutes.

Scoring – What is a good score? How it is scored?

The minimum pass mark for the GCT Level 2 test is 51 out of 90, so pass, you must have at least 51 correct answers out of a total of 90.  There is no penalty for wrong answers.  Note that this is the very minimum passing score, and in a competitive job market you need as high a score as possible.

Depending on the position, managers can set a higher passing score depending on the specific job requirements.

What's on the GCT Level 2 Test? (Formerly GAT)

Address Sorting (optional)

The address sorting tests your ability to organize addresses alphabetically. Address sorting incorporates several parameters such as sorting according to names, locations, or intended destinations as well as the order mail is to be deposited into various addresses or dropped at various locations.

This section includes the ability to use search criteria such as name, city, state, ZIP code, street address among other parameters.

Questions in this section include, determining the difference or similarity between two addresses, or determining the range where a specific address falls. A range could combine both alphabetical and numerical such as A 3876-4123 Wellington ST East and B 5283 – 6145 Wellington West.

Memory Tests

In this section, the candidate is given 3 minutes to answer some questions that are deduced from the paragraphs as a way of testing memory fitness.

  • Several types of questions include:
  • Read 20 words to read quickly and remember 10 of the 20.
  • Several letters flashing on the screen and jot then down.
  • Read telephone numbers and recall within 30 seconds.

Spatial Relations

This section determines your ability to recognize patterns and diagrams from various dimensions or perspectives.  Spatial reasoning helps determine your ability to learn and adopt new skills quickly.

Spatial relations refer to the ability to mentally manipulate objects in space, visualize spatial transformations, and understand the relationships between objects in a given context. They play a significant role in various cognitive and intelligence tests, including the GCT Level 2.

One example of oral spatial intelligence is the way we adjust our language when talking to someone we do not know. Employers are interested in verbal intelligence because it demonstrates how the customers or clients will view your communication with them.

Examples of this type of questions are a multiple-choice question to identify grammatically correct sentences or spelling. E.g. which of the following words is wrongly spelled? (a) Communication (b) Comprehension (d) Competition (e) Analogue.


Why is Vocabulary important

Vocabulary is critical for the GC T Level 2 test.  Vocabulary is a basic skill for effective communication, comprehension, and problem-solving abilities, which are the skills assessed in tests such as  the GC T Level 2.

A strong vocabulary allows individuals to grasp the nuances of language, identify key concepts, and extract relevant information, as well as express their thoughts clearly and precisely when providing written responses or explanations.

Number and Letter Series

Here test takes are given a series of letters or numbers, with one missing – you must calculate or determine the missing element.  For Example,

2,  4,  6,  __, 10    Here the missing number is 8, as each element is 2 more than the previous.

Why Number and Letter Series are Important

Series questions assess your ability to identify patterns, sequences, and relationships. The GCT Level 2 evaluates your analytical reasoning and problem-solving skills.

Word Problems

Word problems assess your ability to apply numbers and problem-solving skills in real-life situations. The GCT Level 2 evaluates your practical application basic math and critical thinking skills.

Test takers first have to read and comprehend the problem, extract relevant information, and then the basic math operations or concepts to solve it. They are then required to perform calculations, interpret the results, and provide accurate answers or solutions.

Word problems are an important practical problem-solving skill in many different jobs.  Word problems require you to analyze data, interpret information, and make informed decisions based on numerical or quantitative factors.  These are essential life skills.

Analytical Reasoning

Why Analytical Reasoning is Important

Analytical reasoning is the ability to systematically analyze and evaluate information, identify patterns, draw logical conclusions, and solve complex problems. By including analytical reasoning on the GCT 2 test, it aims to assess your critical thinking skills and your capacity to make sound judgments based on provided information.

Test takers are expected to examine the information provided, recognize relevant details, identify relationships, and draw logical inferences. Analytical reasoning questions assess skills such as deductive reasoning, problem-solving, logical thinking, and the ability to detect inconsistencies or logical fallacies.

Quick Questions

How many questions are on the GCT2?

There are 90 questions on the test that must be completed in 2.5 hours.  How to manage your time on a test

What is a passing Score?

The general passing score is 51/90 but this can vary, so check with the branch of government giving the test.

Can I retake the test?

If you fail the test you cannot re-take the test for 180 days.  What to do if you fail

Can I use a calculator?

Calculators are permitted when taking the paper version. Restrictions apply check to make sure.  For the computer based version, an on-screen calculator is provided.

What format are the questions? 

This is a multiple choice test – How to answer multiple choice

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Canada Post Jobs FAQ

Answer: You can stay informed of new job posting by subscribing to career notifications which are linked and communicated via e-mail once posted. When you get a job or change your mind and don't want to receive more notifications you can unsubscribe from the platform and cease receiving further updates from the career web.
A candidate must have a career profile to be able to apply for Canada post jobs. This is one of the standard operating procedures for the CA post.
Create a career profile on the Canada Post website, where you'll be able to log in and view the most recent job adverts for your application. In this profile, you will fill in various sections your details, academic qualifications, work experience among other more general details. In this career profile, you will be able to search for the most specific jobs in your area of specialization. Once you search for the keyword such as job title, click on it to see the full details of the posting such as the date posted, qualifications, responsibilities, and due date. Once you have filled in all the required details, press the APPLY button to submit your application. The screen will display the word success! To confirm that your application has successfully been done. From there you will be notified via email or telephone about the interview schedule if your application is considered.
No. Once you fill in the initial career profile it will be automatically reflected in your application each time you apply for the same vacancy. However, you can always update your profile details to apply for a different post that demands different qualifications.
Yes you can upload your documents such as resume and identity card photos through an attachment section just below the typing area for the cover letter draft.
If you forgot your password and are unable to login into your Canada Post profile you can still reset your password. There is a provision for password reset just below the login icon. You will receive the confirmation code either by email or mobile and you can then proceed to reset your password for your career profile.

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