How to answer multiple choice and increase your score

Multiple Choice Strategy 1 - Locate Keywords

For every question, figure out exactly what the question is asking by locating key words that are in the question. Underline the keywords to clarify your thoughts and keep on track.

Directions: Read the passage below, and answer the questions using this strategy.

Free-range is a method of farming where animals are allowed to roam freely, instead of being enclosed in a pen. The term is used in two senses that do not overlap completely: as a farmer-centric description of farming methods, and as a consumer-centric description. Farmers practice free-range to achieve free-range or humane certification (and thus capture high prices), to reduce feed costs, to improve the happiness and liveliness of their animals, to produce a higher-quality product, and as a method of raising multiple crops on the same land.



1. The free-range method of farming

a. Uses a minimum amount of fencing to give animals more room.
b. Can refer to two different things.
c. Is always a very humane method.
d. Only allows for one crop at a time.

2. Free-range farming is practiced

a. To obtain free-range certification.
b. To lower the cost of feeding animals.
c. To produce higher quality product.
d. All of the above.

3. Free-range farming:

a. Can mean either farmer described or consumer described
b. Is becoming much more popular in many areas.
c. Has many limits and causes prices to go down.
d. Is only done to make the animals happier and healthier.

4. Free-range certification is most important to farmers

a. Free-range livestock are less expensive to feed.
b. The price of the product is higher.
c. Both a and b
d. The animals are kept in smaller enclosures, so more
can be produced.



Answers to Sample Multiple-Choice Strategy Questions

Strategy 1 – Keywords in the question tells what the question
is asking

1. B
The question asks about the free range method of farming.
Here method refers to type of farming. “Method” here is the
keyword and can be marked or underlined.

2. D
The Question is, “Free-range farming is practiced …” The
keyword here is “practiced.” Looking at the choices, which
all start with “to,” it is clear the answer will be about why
free range … Also notice that one choice is “All of the above,”
which here is the correct answer. However, when “All of the
above” is an option, this is a potential Elimination strategy.
All you have to do is find one option that is incorrect and you
can use Strategy 5 – Elimination to eliminate two choices and
increase your odds from one in four, to one in two.

3. A
The question is, “Free range farming husbandry …” From the
question, and the lack of keywords, together with the choices
presented, the answer will be a definition free range farming

4. C
The question is, “Free-range certification is most important to
farmers because … “ The keywords here are “most important.”
Be careful to choose the best possible answer.

How to answer multiple choice and increase your score

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