Provincial Achievement Tests

Provincial Assessments

Provincial Achievement Tests are exams by the provincial authorities to measure the development of the educative system in each territory independently. These examinations are designed to assess the student’s knowledge in certain fields, which differs by Province, although they are very similar.

The structure of the test varies according to Provincial regulations, but it generally evaluates mathematics and English.

The test scores count toward final grades, which means that they also have an impact on student’s chances of getting into college.

In most provinces these tests are offered in both Official Languages, English and French.

PAT Alberta (Provincial Achievement Test)

About the Alberta PAT

The Alberta PAT is the exam used in Alberta to measure student’s progress. It’s applied in grades 6 and 9.

The specific purposes of the Provincial Achievement Testing (PAT) program are to establish if students are actually learning, and to keep records of the evolution of the students, in order to establish methods to improve student learning.

Generally the test is administrated in May and June annually, although some 9 graders take the test in January.

Content and Test structure

The PAT assesses 4 areas:

  • English Language Arts, where is assesses the reading comprehension and the student must write an essay.
  • Mathematics, evaluating basic math, shapes, geometry and relations, probability and statistics.
  • Science, which covers states of matter, chemistry, chemical change, electrical principles, among others.
  • And the Social Studies, where is evaluated the knowledge in Canadian political system, Canadian charter of rights, economics, quality of life and political decision making.

PAT Practice Questions
PAT Test Strategy

British Columbia and Yukon Provincial Exam

About the British Columbia and Yukon Provincial Exam

The Yukon has adopted the British Columbia’s curriculum and educational system, including the Provincial Achievement Test.

In these provinces the test is administrated to students in 10th, 11th, and 12th grade; it is a computer-based test held in November, April, May and August.

Overall this test assesses the students learning in reading, writing, math and problem solving, in two sections: the literacy assessment and the numeracy assessment.

Content and Test structure

For the 10th grade the contents evaluated are:

  • Workplace Mathematics
  • Foundations of Mathematics and Pre-Calculus
  • English
  • First Peoples
  • Science

For the 11th grade the content is:

  • Civic Studies
  • Social Studies
  • BC First Nations Studies

And in the 12th grade the content is:

  • BC First Nations Studies
  • Communications
  • English
  • English First Peoples

BC Provincial Practice 
BC Provincial Test Strategy

Ontario Provincial Exam

About the Ontario Provincial Exam

The Ontario provincial assessment test of Ontario is designed to determine the state of the Ontario’s public education system and student’s development.

The Ontario test is administrated by the agency Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO).

The test is taken in the 3rd, 6th and 9th grade, in May or June every year

Content and Test structure

In the 3rd and 6th grades the test is divided into three sections: Reading, Writing and Mathematics. The specific content and the difficulty of the test is determined by the expected knowledge for each grade.

In the 9th grade Reading and Writing are also assessed, but there is also a special test applied to those students in math courses.

Reading Comprehension Practice
How to Write an Essay

Provincial Assessments in Prince Edward Island

About the Provincial Assessments in Prince Edward Island

The goal of the PEI test is to identify strengths and weaknesses of their education system, and find solutions.

Content and Test structure

In 3rd and 6th grade there are 2 sections:

  • The literacy assessment evaluates students’ abilities to ​read and understand what is being read and express ideas in writing using right spelling and punctuation
  • And the mathematics assessment, which measures the skills in numeracy and math.

In the 9th grade the evaluation only assess Mathematics.
Math Practice Questions 

Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Assessments

About the Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Assessments

In Newfoundland and Labrador, the provincial assessment tests are applied in the 3rd (elementary), 6th (Primary) and 9th (intermediate) grade, at the end of the school year.

The test has multiple-choice questions and open response questions.

Content and Test structure

The content of the test adjusts for each grade:

  • The Elementary test has 3 areas: English Language Arts, Mathematics and Science.
  • The Primary test has 2 areas assessed: English Language Arts and Mathematics.
  • The Intermediate test has 4 areas: Core French, English Language Arts, Mathematics and Science.

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Basic Science

Nova Scotia Assessments

About the Nova Scotia Assessments

The Nova Scotia province administer their tests in students of 3rd, 6th and 8th grade, over 4 days in May or June annually.

The 3rd grade test is divided into 2 areas: literacy and mathematics. In the 6th and the 8th grade there are 3 areas: reading, writing and mathematics.

Content and Test structure

The 3rd grade test evaluates reading and writing skills, the comprehension of narrative, poetry, and informational texts, response to mathematics questions and the ability to problem solving.

The 6th grade test assesses reading and writing skills, reading comprehension, a letter writing task, one story writing task, and determines if the student has the mathematical abilities for a 6th grader.

The 8th grade test includes the measure of reading and writing skills and tasks intended to evaluate student’s ability to solve math problems.

Math Practice Questions 
Reading Comprehension Practice
How to Write an Essay

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