High School Equivalency Exams – The Complete Guide

What are the High School Proficiency Exams?

High School Proficiency tests are designed to asses if a person has the academic abilities equivalent to a High School.

The certification obtained through these tests is the same as a high school diploma, and gives you the ability to access a jobs and opportunities generally  outside your reach without a high school education, or to enter a college course and continue an academic program.

high School Equivalency

Types of High School Proficiency Exams

About the CHSPE

The California High School Proficiency Examination is a test that assesses your knowledge in two areas; English-language Arts and Mathematics. If you take and pass this test you are awarded with a Certificate of Proficiency, which is equivalent to a High School diploma.


The CHSPE is offered three times a year. You can register for the test electronically or in the CHSPE office anytime before the deadline.

To the date, the cost of the test is $130. You have three ways of payment: cashier’s check, money order, or credit card.

Who can take this test?

In order to take this test you must fulfill these two requirements:

  • Had attended at least two semesters of the 10th
  • Be 16-years or older.


The test is divided into two sections: English-language arts, and Mathematics. The score goes from 250 to 450, for each section.

  • The first one, English-languages Arts sectionis subdivided into two parts; The Reading subtest and the Languages subtest. This section has a passing score of 350.
  • The passing score for the Mathematics section is 350.

About 5 weeks after the test your test results are delivered by mail. This mail will include a certificate in case you passed the test.

What’s on the CHSPE?

The English-Language Arts section assesses grammar and vocabulary, and includes an essay that the aspirant must write.

  • The Reading subtest has 84 multiple-choice questions.
  • The Language subtest has 48 multiple-choice questions.

The Mathematics section evaluates geometry, algebra, and pre-algebra.

  • The mathematics section has 50 multiple-choice questions, divided into 4 sections:
  1. Number sense and operations
  2. Patterns, relationships, and algebra
  3. Data, statistics, and probability
  4. Geometry and measurement.


The calculators allowed in these tests have some technical limitations: it must be a basic calculator, non-scientific, non-programmable and non-statistical.

Practice Questions for the CHSPE

CHSPE Study Practice Course

Canadian GED

About the Canadian GED

The Canadian GED is a certification equivalent to the Ontario High School Equivalency Certificate and the Alberta Certificate of School Completion.


The registration process is done online, at After the registration you can select the Testing Centre and time according to your schedule.  In most provinces the cost for the entire test is $35.00 USD.

The test is scheduled at test centers across Canada

Who can take the Canadian GED?

In Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia and PEI you must be at least 18 to take this test.

In Ontario, Newfoundland, Labrador and Manitoba you must be at least 19.


The Canadian GED has 5 sections; the total score is an average of the score of each test. The maximum score is 800 for each section, and the individual section passing score is 450.

Your score report will be delivered by mail, about 3 weeks after you took the test. If you passed your certificate will come with the report.

What’s on the Canadian GED?

There are 5 sections:

  • Social Studies (50 multiple choice questions);
  • Language arts, writing (50 multiple choice questions, one essay);
  • Language arts, reading (40 multiple choice questions);
  • Science (50 multiple choice questions);
  • Mathematics (50 multiple choice questions)


You can only use a calculator for the first section (math), and the calculator is provided at the test center.

GED Practice Questions

GED Online Study Practice Course

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