About the Test

The Canadian GATB is a test used in careers as security, special constables, TTC officer, or nuclear security in Ontario. This test of the process of recruitment that helps in assessing the candidate’s general aptitude. This test is offered by the Ontario Applicant Testing Services. It is specially designed to measure the candidate’s spatial aptitude, problem-solving ability, vocabulary, and basic math.

GATB is also used by transit commissions, police forces, and other firms in Ontario to assess and ensure entry-level recruits meet their core competencies.


What’s on the Test

The General Aptitude Test Battery as 4 sections:

Basic Math:  fractions, percent, decimal, number operation

Problem Solving:  word problems

Vocabulary: synonyms and antonyms

Spatial relations:  folding

The test is administered in a pencil and paper form and takes a maximum of 45 minutes. After taking the GATB test and passing, the results will be valid for three years.  If the candidate does not pass the test, they must wait for three months to retake the test. In case a candidate fails the test on two subsequent tests, he/she cannot retake the test for six months.

Occupations that use the GATB

  • Toronto Transit Special Constable
  • Airport Special Constable
  • Barrie Police
  • Parking Enforcement
  • AECL Nuclear Security
  • Toronto Traffic Control Constable
  • Court Prisoner Security Officer
  • Go Transit Safety Officer
  • Ontario Provincial Police
  • London Police Service Court Prisoner Security Officer
  • York Court Security Officer

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Salaries and Occupational Outlook

Toronto Police 
Average Salary: $76,144

PEEL Regional Police Officer
Average Salary: $73,203

Occupational Outlook

Demand for police officers is expected to grow at about the average for all occupations, around 5% 2018 to 2028.  Public safety is ongoing and will not diminish.   Demand for police officers and security officers varies by location.

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Date Published: Thursday, April 2nd, 2020
Date Modified: Tuesday, November 29th, 2022