Judgment and Reasoning Questions Practice

Judgment and Reasoning questions are common sense questions that do not require any special knowledge.


Judgement and Reasoning Practice Questions

1) Which of the following are not recommended in the bath?

a. Paperback novel
b. Mobile phone
c. Hair dryer
d. All of these things are safe

2) Three classes of fire extinguishers are given below along with the basic ingredients they use for extinguishing fires:

Class A: Water and Foam
Class B: Carbon dioxide
Class C: Dry Chemical

Which of these should not be used to extinguish an electrical fire?

a. Class A
b. Class B
c. Class C
d. None of the above

3) What is the benefit of grounding your electrical appliances?

a. It saves the appliance from damage
b. It makes the appliance safe to touch in case there is an electrical fault
c. It is necessary for operation of the appliance
d. Grounding is not important

4) It is not a good idea to plug ____________ into an extension cord.

a. Mobile phone charger
b. Iron
c. TV
d. All of the above

5) If you see someone being electrocuted. What should be your immediate action?

a. Turn off the power source
b. Call for help
c. Pull the person away from the hazard
d. Any of the above

6) Which of the following material is not a good choice for a ladder to be used for electrical works?

a. Wood
b. Aluminum
c. Fiberglass
d. All of the above materials are suitable

7. Which of the following is a good practice while doing electrical work?

a. Work with one hand if possible
b. Use tools with metal handles
c. Use ladders
d. Work in groups

8) Which of the following creates a serious hazard if stored near electrical panels?

a. Wooden planks
b. PVC plumbing pipes
c. Flammable chemicals
d. None of the above

Answer Key

1. C
Hair dryers are plugged into main voltage supply and are a potential electrical hazard in the vicinity of water. Water is a conductor of electrical current and so there is a risk of electric shock in case something goes wrong. Reading a novel is obviously okay and presents no danger. Choice B is also not correct since the cell phone may be damaged coming in to contact with water though there is no risk of injury.

2. A

Class A fire extinguisher use water and water is an electrical conductor, so there is a shock hazard if used on electrical fires. Class B and C are suitable for electrical fires. Class C type fire extinguisher is the most versatile as it can be used to put out multiple types of fires.

3. B

Grounding is a safety measure. If there is a fault and you touch a live wire accidently, or the enclosure of an appliance there is a hazard of electrical shock. If the appliance is properly grounded, the short circuit current flows to the ground and touching the enclosure is safe. Grounding is not for the safety of the appliance. Also, choice C is incorrect because the appliance will work fine if it is not grounded.

4. B
It is not a good idea to plug an iron into an extension cord. Extensions cords are not usually made to bear heavy load with heavy current. Iron is one of large current drawing appliances in any house hold. Choices A and C are in correct because both draw small amounts of electric current and an extension cord can bear the load.

5. A
Turning off the power source should be the priority whether it is the immediate source or the main source. Choice C, pulling the person away from the hazard, is incorrect and should never be attempted. Touching a person being electrocuted will result your electrocution as well. Calling for help is important, but it is not as important as shutting down the power.

6. B
Aluminum is a conductor of electricity and presents an electrical hazard. Choices A and C (wood and fiberglass) are insulators and do not conduct electricity.

7. A
Working with one hand significantly reduces the risk of harmful shock. If electricity passes through both your hands, you are at a greater risk of major organ damage. Choice B, using tools with metal handles, is incorrect. In fact, electrical tools should never have metal handles – handles should always be made of non-conducting materials. Choices C and D, working in groups or using ladders are not relevant.

8. C
If an electrical short circuit starts a fire, flammable chemicals in the vicinity may cause an explosion. Other choices, wooden planks and PVC pipes, are insulators and do not explode, or cause as much damage as chemicals.

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