Elevator Industry Aptitude Test (EIAT or NEIEP) Practice Questions

What’s on the EIAT Test

Reading Comprehension

The EIAT reading section has 30 questions.  Below is a more detailed list of the types of reading questions that are likely to appear on the test.

  • Drawing logical conclusions
  • Identify the author’s intent to persuade, inform, entertain, or otherwise
  • Make predictions
  • Analyze and evaluate the use of text structure to solve problems or identify sequences
  • Give the definition of a word from context

Reading Comprehension Practice


The Elevator Industry Aptitude Test includes a Basic Mathematics section. There are a total of 30 questions.  The topics covered include:

  • decimals
  • whole numbers
  • fractions
  • number system conversions
  • percentages
  • basic algebra
  • word problems

Mathematics Practice

Basic Math – 10 questions
Basic Math 2 – 10 questions
Word Problems Tutorial
Algebra – 7 questions
Percent – 18 questions
Fractions, Percent and Decimals – 14 questions

Mechanical Comprehension (Aptitude)

Mechanical Aptitude questions usually cover the following :

Levers, Circuit, (Parallel and Series) Pendulum, Pivot points, Switches, Weight, Time and Distance, Pulleys, Conductors, Load, Path, Switches, Fuses and Gears

EIAT Test Contents
EIAT Test Contents - Click for larger image

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