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Verbal Skills

First, lets look at what verbal skills are. Verbal skills on the CFAT are really just another name for vocabulary and analogies. The CFAT has four different types of verbal skills questions: synonyms, where you are required to choose a word with the same meaning, antonyms, where you are required to choose a word with the opposite meaning, and definition questions, where you are required to choose the definition of a given word.

The CFAT has 15 verbal skills questions to be completed in 5 minutes.

Problem Solving

The CFAT has three different types of problem solving questions, word problems, sequences and IQ type questions.

How to Answer Word Problems

How to Answer Analogies

Spatial Ability (Visual Acuity)

The Spacial Ability section has three types of questions, all of which are graphical.  One you are given a shape and you must choose what shape is possible if folded, or looped and joined.  Another type is you are given a shape and you must choose the same shape rotated.  Another type is you are given a 2-dimensional shape and asked to find same shape when folded into a 3-dimensional shape.

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How this Study Guide is Organized 8

Verbal Skills (VS)
Verbal Skills Self-Assessment 11
Answer Key 22
Help with Building your Vocabulary 25
How to Answer Verbal Analogies 28

Problem Solving (PS)
Problem Solving Self-Assessment 36
Answer Key 44
Types of Arithmetic Reasoning Problems 51
Sequences Tutorial 59
Types of Number Sequence Problems 60
Strategy for Answering Sequence Questions 63

Spatial Ability (SA)
Spatial Ability Self-Assessment 67
Answer Key 71

Practice Test Questions Set 1
Answer Key 96

Practice Test Questions Set 2
Answer Key 129


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