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Understanding Written Material

The Canadian Firefighter reading comprehension section has 30 reading comprehension questions. Below is a detailed list of the types of reading questions that generally appear on the Canadian Firefighter test.

  • Draw logical conclusions
  • Make predictions
  • Analyze passages to solve problems or identify sequences
  • Vocabulary – Give the definition of a word from context
  • Summarize
  • Identify specific facts or details from a passage and distinguish facts and details.

Understanding Written Materials questions appear on these firefighter tests:

FSABMcCann Entry-LevelMorris McDaniel S.H.I.E.L.DNFST  —  Fireteam

Basic Math

The Mathematics section covers,

  • Decimals
  • Fractions
  • Percent
  • Metric conversion
  • Percentages
  • Word problems

Basic Math questions appear on the following firefighter tests:

McCann Entry-LevelCPS Research & Standard & Associates (NFST) —  CPS ResearchStandard & Associates (NFST)  —  Fireteam

Understanding Oral Information

This section includes,

  • Answering questions about specific facts in a spoken passage
  • Making inferences from information in a spoken passage

Firefighter tests with listening comprehension CPS Research & Standard & Associates (NFST)  CWH Research

Observation and Memory



Firefighter tests with Memory and Recall Questions:  Darany Entry Level

Mechanical Aptitude and Reasoning

The Mechanical Aptitude section includes

  • Reading gauges
  • Reading maps
  • Visualizing floor plans and houses
  • Following direction on given maps
  • Gears, levers and mechanical devices

Firefighter Tests with mechanical comprehension questions:

CWHFST  —  Fireteam


Judgement and Reasoning

Judgment and Reasoning questions are common sense questions that do not require any special knowledge.

Tests with Judgement and Reasoning practice questions:

CWHMcCann Entry-Level Fireteam


Types of writing skills questions likely to appear:

• English grammar
• English usage
• Punctuation
• Subject – verb agreement
• Sentence structure

Tests with Writing questions:

EB Jacobs (FSAB)

Writing and Grammar Practice

English Usage – 15 questions
English Grammar – 20 questions
Punctuation – 12 questions

Writing Tips and Tutorials

Logic, Reasoning and Analytical Thinking


  • Matching
  • Sequences & Series
  • Analogies

How to Solve Analogies

Logic Tutorial

Firefighter Tests with Logic and Deductive Reasoning Questions: 

EB Jacobs (FSAB)

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CPS Research & Standard & Associates (NFST)

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